SENTAC Code of Conduct and Non-Discrimination Policy
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SENTAC Conference Cancellation and Refund Policy
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The SENTAC Reporting Procedure will be as follows to assure consistency and transparency.
Any person who would like to file a complaint regarding an event or person, should promptly report the situation to SENTAC staff at [email protected].

Any person who believes that he or she is the victim of inappropriate conduct, or that a colleague or SENTAC affiliate has been the subject of inappropriate conduct, should promptly report the incident to SENTAC’s Executive Director, Shelley Warnock, at [email protected].

All involved parties should take care to keep concerns confidential and only disclose information on a need-to-know basis.

All concerns will be treated seriously. SENTAC will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of all the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident and will keep the complaint and investigation confidential to the extent practicable. If the investigation leads SENTAC to conclude that an individual has committed an act of harassment, that individual will be subject to appropriate action, up to and including expulsion from the event premises.