The Society for Ear Nose and Throat Advancement in Children (SENTAC) is a collective group of like-minded health care professionals involved in the care of children with otolaryngology, hearing, speech and swallowing disorders. Uniquely composed of physicians and allied health care professionals, SENTAC’s members include otolaryngologists, pediatricians, basic scientists, audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. SENTAC’s primary mission is to provide and share an educational platform to allow collaboration, build community, establish consensus, promote diversity, and explore new treatment ideas among its members with the aim to improve the lives and health of children with ear, nose, and throat concerns across the globe.

SENTAC hosts an annual meeting with its members and trainees as a stage for multidisciplinary research presentations, teaching sessions, and expert panels. This facilitates the formation and dissemination of interdisciplinary knowledge about the care of infants and children with ear, nose, and throat disorders.  The collegial nature of the meeting allows for friendly and open discussion between members and trainees resulting in valuable learning opportunities for all.

So please join us for a unique learning experience that can only be obtained by the participation of diverse voices in a multidisciplinary discussion, then we hope you’ll make SENTAC a new part of your intellectual endeavors.

Our Mission

The Society for Ear Nose and Throat Advancement in Children (SENTAC) is an interdisciplinary organization composed of physicians and allied professionals devoted to improving the lives and health of children of all ages in the fields of speech, audiology, pediatrics, and otolaryngology. 

SENTAC aims to promote diversity, collaborative partnerships, and multidisciplinary strategies among its members by providing a venue to share ideas, innovate, and disseminate knowledge on how to help children hear, communicate, swallow, and breathe to the best of their ability.

SENTAC will achieve its aim by supporting research, education, and new membership within the society and by promoting community awareness, health equality, and international outreach for children with ear, nose, and throat disorders.