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A conversation with Daniela Carvalho MD and Keri Colio Au.D., CCC-A, two members of the Rady Children’s Cochlear implant team about their approach to evaluating CI candidates, the medical work up prior to implantation, the specialists that comprise the team,  surgical implantation,  subsequent activation, and why a team approach improves the care and outcomes of their patients.  

This episode is a great conversation between Michael McCormick MD, Jennifer Lavin AuD, and Josh Bedwell MD. On this episode we discuss how quility improvement can help us work better together in teams.   

This episode is a conversation with the tracheostomy and ventilator team of Children’s Wisconsin. The multidisciplinary team is composed of an otolaryngologist, pulmonologist, nurse practitioner, speech language pathologist, social worker, dietitian, and respiratory therapists. In this conversation we discuss the origin and structure of the team, and their successes in improving inpatient and outpatient tracheostomy care. The team has been successful in improving parent trach teaching through use of simulation, as well as in early speaking valve assessment and use.   

In this podcast we have a conversation with the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, Aerodigestive program team members. Their team is comprised of Otolaryngology, Sohit Kanotra, MD, Gastroenterology, Riad Rahhal, MD,MS, Pulmonary, Rebecca Weiner, MD, and Speech and Language Pathology.

The topics discussed include; team formation, team structure, and clinic structure. Aerodigestive team clinical decision making, things ream members have learned from each other, and examples of how patients have had improved care. The team members also reflect on areas of current aerodigestive care short comings and what care will potentially look like in 10-15 years.


In this episode, Julian Smith co-hosts the conversation with 3 speech and language pathologists who specialize in working with cardiac babies. The guests are Kimberly Morris SLP Rady Children’s, Hallie Clason SLP Texas Children’s, and Jeanan Sfeir SLP Dell Children’s. Topics discussed include standardized protocols for SLP involvement with cardiac children, chart and bedside assessments, FEES vs MBS. How they approach feeding and swallowing advancement in fragile cardiac patients, as well as how they frame their thought process around children with vagal nerve damage. 

In this episode, we engage in a conversation with experts: David Chi, MD; Julian Smith, PhD CCC-SLP; and Madison Howe, AuD, CCC-A. Our discussion revolves around the distinct training pathways for students in various disciplines. We delve into the extent of exposure these students receive to multidisciplinary care during their training, explore the experiences of their trainees in this aspect, and share insights on enhancing exposure and learning opportunities in a pediatric multidisciplinary environment.